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I’ve really enjoyed my Vancouver life with my roommates since I came to this room. I have two roommates now. One of them is Japanese guy, who share a living room with me and is taking a business course at a college in downtown. And the other roommate is Italian, who lives in a bed room and is taking a business English course at an English language school in downtown. I’d like to describe them a little bit today.

Japanese guy, his name is Kei, is really sociable and funny person. I sometimes have a party at home, of course it’s a living room, and invite many friends. I think it’s a not so usual for a normal Japanese person and it often makes people suffer to make a party at home many times. But he’s never complained about it and rather enjoy together! I always thank him for helping preparation of the party and thank his understanding, outgoing and friendly personality. Although I don’t have a younger brother, I feel him like it.

The other guy, he is Italian called Mat, knows a few Japanese words, especially ‘Judo’ words very well, because he had studied ‘Judo’ in his country. I think he is better at ‘Judo’ than me, so he occasionally seems like Japanese guy. Actually, when he goes out with his friends, he pays attention for everybody like what Japanese guy do. It’s curious point for me. At the same time it changes my idea of Italian, so I think their way of thinking are much closer to us than American people.

Both of them, I can say, are like friends for a long time, but I’ve spent time with them for two month. They are easygoing and kind, sometimes they can be playful and crazy, so I feel comfortable with them. There are not only same kinds of personalities but also opposite kinds of attitudes. Kei is messy only around his personal space and Mat is really neat so he usually cleans his space and our space like kitchen too. We sometimes talk about business, friends and our countries, and exchange our way of thinking or ideas each other. I still learn from them so much and I hope I also give them some important things for them. I think I spend a precious time which I can not get in Japan.




I'm so sorry.Yesterday,I write comment to you.Actually [ひ] is me.
Maybe You mistook another person.sorry.and My English is very cheap. I try to read this blog for English practice every day.
Thank you teacher!!

ひるのり | URL | 2005-05-11 (Wed) 06:36 [編集]

> ひるのり
Exactly, I misunderstood... Thank you for letting me know that.
I try to keep this blog as correct as possible but I'm also learning English, so I'm still not sure. When you find my mistakes, please let me know! (^ ^♪

maro | URL | 2005-05-12 (Thu) 13:31 [編集]