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Today, it was my unforgettable day in Vancouver. The adidas Vancouver International Marathon 2005 was took place on a beautiful sunny day. There were over 12,000 people (almost 15,000 people?) and they attended four kinds of races; Full Marathon, Half Marathon, Wheelchair Marathon, Canada Kids Marathon, like other International marathon races. I was interested a full marathon because I had run before in 2002 and 2003 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. But I couldn’t join this match because It was too late when I knew about this race. However, one of my friends let me know about the volunteer work of supporting a Japanese handicapped guy who had no legs under his knee. He would take on the challenge of the full marathon. As I was interested in volunteer work, and I decided to help him during the race.

At 8:30am, I needed to go to one water station to receive the volunteer baton from my friend. I went there with a other friend and took over the responsibility to help the disabled guy whose name was Tsutomu Shimabukuro. He is a president of biggest car company at Okinawa, Japan. He lost his legs four years ago in a car accident, and overcame his defect of memory and diplopia (double vision), so he was here with his special crutch and artificial legs. I was impressed by his strong mind and his challenge, so that’s one of the reasons why I thought I wanted to help him run.





During the race, he looked as if he was in pain especially with his right leg. He seemed to have a problem on his right leg, as he must have a rest to take care of it many times. He told us he had no feeling in his legs and the right leg had the most pain. It was almost 20km from the beginning point, but I felt we had a long way to go to the goal. However, he kept running. Because many people encouraged him and said to us, “Great job!”, “Good job!”, “Great effort!”, “Awesome!”, “You’re admirable!”, etc. One of the people who watched this race at the Burrard Bridge said “Japanese Terry Fox!”, and I thought that word helped him so much because he had been impressed by Terry’s Marathon Story, so he wanted to run in Canada.



About 7 hours and 40 minutes after his start, finally, he did it. He finished it up with his disabled legs. He faced much pain but overcame it all. Truly, He became a "Japanese Terry Fox".




Through out this marathon, I learned how wonderful volunteer work was and how encouraging the people’s words were. And also, I learned from him how important not to give up was. Although I’ve just started to experience work as a volunteer, now I’d like to continue as much as possible. I hope it’ll give me much encouragement to learn what I need to know and feel what I’ve never experienced. I’ve just kicked off own volunteer marathon.





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