marolog - a story of lives (in Denmark)

What maro sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches, and feels in his life will be told in his way in this blog. So today, what you'll see through his eyes?


I'll tell you about my school life today.

I always wake up at 7:30am and eat two or three, four slices of bread with milk for breakfast. Then I check my friend's blog which blog marathon's fellow keep everyday, and I also update my blog. Additionally, I have to finish my homework up so I do it until leaving home. I generally leave my home at 9:30am.

My normal bus route, actually it depends on the traffic conditions so I sometimes change my route not to be late school, is Davie bus(#6) to Granville St - UBC(#17) to UBC or Davie(#6) - 98 Bline(#98) to Broadway - 99 Bline(#99) to UBC. It takes about 30min if I take a first path, and the other hand about 40 or 45min if I chose a second path. It's enough time for me to take a nap before my class or to review last class for a short time.

When I arrive at UBC, I go to bagle shop in the SUB(Student Union Bilding) to buy my small meal between first morning class and second morning class. My favorite bagle is "focaccia". It's a bagle tasted "focaccia". I think they use, salt, olive oil, garlic, bacon, Italian parsley. I really love this taste and it's cheap! Only $0.85CAD! If I buy this in Japan, it costs about $1.20CAD, I think.

My class always starts from 10:20am. I have three classes in a day. My class schedule is below.
  - 10:20am to 12:00am for Business Reading class
  - 0:10pm to 1:50pm for Writing class
  - 2:00pm to 3:50pm for Lunch time
  - 3:50pm to 5:30pm for Business Speaking & Listening class

I'd like to describe about my class details but it must be long, so I'll tell you next time.

This is one of the photos which we play volleyball after lunch between classes. We often play badminton, frisbee, soccer, volleyball etc...






After my school, I go home but I don't have usual things to do, so what I do after school depends on that which friends I see at school or how much my homework is, how many friends wanna go out with.

But only one thing which I can not forget is to watchi this sunset. It heals me so much.

This is my typical day life in Vancouver. I think I enjoy it!