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What maro sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches, and feels in his life will be told in his way in this blog. So today, what you'll see through his eyes?


How many famous and popular web site do you know or do you focus on these days ?
I'm really blind at such kind of things. Today I finally could know about the two of the most popular site by TV show.

One is called "Kaocheki". The web site is only for cellular phone. It gives us the idea who is most similar to YOU between famous people. Actually I've tried to send my photo to the site, and wait several seconds with some interests, but I couldn't receive any result. It might have been so busy at that time because of the TV show. If some of you have tried this site, please let me know how it looks.
URL: (available only for cellphone)

The other is "Brain Maker" which visualizes the component of your brain with Kanji characters.
This is so funny site! Everybody can know what you are thinking and focusing on!
If you've not tried it yet, try it and give the feedback to me!