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Many of you know that maro may be facing on turning point of his life. I've changed my work!

Actually I feel that the new job is really fit to me: I'm doing project management for internal project of the new company. The project is about migration to new OS on end users PC. Everyday I receive customers' (internal end users) claim, request, and pressure for successful migration.

What I like this job is that I can see the end user's feelings. If I do something wrong, the users complain to me in a short moment. If I do something beneficial, the users give me positive comments and feedbacks through their daily attitude. I can feel it directly.

Another point I like is that I need to use English almost everyday. I need to update the status to the steering committee in English, and every documents of the project need to be documented in English, because internal standard language is English. This environment is something like what I really want in job.

The change of my work is challenging, but I think that I really enjoy the moment of this turning point.




Hi きんぐ,
It's also good to hear anyway. Once we struggle in something, then we acquire another thing wonderful, don't you?

maro | URL | 2007-09-08 (Sat) 16:10 [編集]

Congratulations! maro.
Am I ever glad it's over!


えりこ | URL | 2007-09-09 (Sun) 07:00 [編集]

Hi えりこ
Dine out together, and talk, talk, talk!
Don't be pessimistic. It's not your style.

maro | URL | 2007-09-10 (Mon) 16:27 [編集]