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What maro sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches, and feels in his life will be told in his way in this blog. So today, what you'll see through his eyes?


I've been going to gym for swimming recently. As my motto for health care, workout in a week at least, but I hadn't realize it since I came back to Japan.

Three weeks ago I started to go to gym for workout as a rehabilitation exercise of lower back. Have you ever experienced

I faced on the trouble about a month ago during my work at office. A week before when the trouble, I assisted in cleaning up and moving out some stuff - very heavy server hardware - in customer's server room. I didn't have any trouble after the work.
I had a sudden pain on my waist. "Strained-back"! It was a famous symptom called "Gikkuri-goshi/ギックリ腰" in Japanese.
After the incident I'd lost my freedom of motion in a daily life.