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Finally I've got back to Kichijoji!

The middle of 3 days holidays, I've traced my memory of a year ago in Kichijoji. There is my favorite T-shirts shop, a coffee place, a course of walking around, and place to eat.

If you're familiar there, you shouldn't miss the name of "ISEYA". It's very famous place to eat a skewered grilled chicken, we call it "YAKITORI" in Japanese, and it brings us a short trip to a bit old Japanese days.


Here in ISEYA, what I'd like to recommend you to eat is a bit big Chinese dumplings. They're called "jiao-zi" and "shao mai" in Chinese. They are famous and are loved by everybody.
Actually those are my super favorite, and I've never forgotten the taste since I left from Kichijoji. I've really missed it for a year and finally I've got it today. When you bite it once, you can meet a juicy and tasty meat inside.

When you have a chance to drop by, should try to taste it!
I'm sure it's terrific!!!