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What maro sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches, and feels in his life will be told in his way in this blog. So today, what you'll see through his eyes?


When I was watching TV, suddenly one of the vegetables came into my eyes. It was a "Cabbage". On that TV program some guest speaker said "Cabbage can not become a main dish by itself.". When I heard it, I thought "No, it can not become", but after a few minutes it could become.

Today I made a hot pot with spring cabbage and bean sprout.
I used:
- Spring Cabbage (It's Main!)
- Bean Sprout
- Grated Radish
- Bacon
- Solt
- Consomme (Clear Soup)

I hadn't grated a radish for several years...

First of all I put salt and consomme into boild water.

Second put a water-washed bean sprout under a cabbage cut, and put a grated radish and bacon on them.

After that turn fire into middle strength, and wait 10 minutes.

Finally you can see the looks delicious spring cabbage hot pot.

In this time I could confirm the sweet taste of spring cabbage which I've never used before. I just heard of it from somebody, but it's true! SWEET!!

I could taste the spring sweetness of vegetables today!