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What maro sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches, and feels in his life will be told in his way in this blog. So today, what you'll see through his eyes?


This is my colleague's apartment. He lives here with two roommates. Nice room eh? Everybody in this apartment is surfer, so that's why you can see many surf boards here!

My colleague and one of the his roommates. His roommate was going back to Japan this day, and was going to stay there for about 10 days.

Santa Monica! This is the beautiful city where my colleague is living now.

I visited UCLA campus. It seems very clean and beautiful campus with contrasts of red blocks, white concretes and green trees. I'd like to come here to study something in the future...

Rodeo Drive! It's very famous for brand shopping area in the world.

It seems like they wanna buy something, but then seems like it's difficult to buy also. I think I can understand their feelings because I had faced same situation many times.

There is no name but this is PRADA!


Kodak Theatre! You know "ACADEMY AWARDS", right? It takes place here every year!

Grauman's Chinese Theatre! This is known to ."Footprint Ceremonies". You might have seen some of Hollywood stars' footprints through TV.

This is the Johnny Depp's new footprint! I heard he came here yesterday and made new footprint.

Morgan Freeman!

Harrison Ford!






> George
He is so nice surfer!
You might be right, but I didn't say anything. You said... (w
When I met him, he didn't scream like "フォー". (ww

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