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I had visited to California from 20th to 29th September.
It was first time for me to go to California, and it was memorable trip during studying abroad. I met great people and saw beautiful landscape and beaches. I gonna show you some photos from my trip as well. I'm sure that you become to want to go there!

This is my rent-a-car, Nissan Murano. It was really comfortable to drive a long way. I'd like to have this car if possible. I rented it at HERTS rent-a-car near the LAX(Los Angeles International Airport).

One of my colleague in LA! Now he's learning about film distribution.

Wash your car, or somebody will write like this! haha!

Venice beach! It's really nice place to go out. I really wanna spend a time to read some books or just sleep all day there!

Santa monica downtown. Nice place to enjoy shopping!

I found "ZAGAT SURVEY in Los Angeles". I took this photo from curiosity because it was totally same appearance as in Tokyo.

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