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Do you know "Congee"?

"Congee" is a rice porridge, and it's especially famous for Chinese congee in Vancouver. We also have rice porridge in Japan, but we don't eat it very often, except when we catch a cold.

Today, I supposed I caught a cold because of last night's fire alarm accident(suddenly our room's fire alarm rang around 3am, and it bothered our peaceful sleeping, so we couldn't sleep well.), so I tried to make congee(it's not real Chinese congee, just my style).

This is the one.

My style congee ingredients:
  - Rice
  - Shrimp
  - Basa fillet
  - Green pepper
  - Enoki mushroom
  - Garlic
  - Chicken poulet(Bouillon)

The taste is, of course, fabulous!

I also know the most delicious congee restaurant in Vancouver, so I can teach you where it is if you want. please ask me or visit me, and I can take you there.