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The landmark of TOKYO, this is!



I don't know why, but I've suddenly felt that I'd like to read up "Who moved my cheese?" when I found it at my favorite book store "Tsutaya" in Roppongi Hills.

Who Moved My Cheese? Who Moved My Cheese?
Spencer Johnson (1999/03/04)

I've done it with approximately 2 hours, and as a result I've reached "Change happens anywhere and anytime", and found the idea "I can not be away from changing. Need to keep changing my life and myself!".

It doesn't sound special and new, but it's easy to be lost from sight.

Now I can laugh at myself.
(Only the person who's read this book can know the meaning... :) )

I'd like to introduce the book to the person who's in trouble or hard time, and I wanna say to them,

"Don't be afraid. Move on, and enjoy it!"


Today I'm going to introduce dictionaries and translation website which I've been using in daily life.

What dictionary do you usually use?
I'm using these dictionaries. They are for free!

Dictionary Links
No. Language URL Links maro's Comment
1 Japanese <--> English SPACE ALC My favorite Dictionary. There are lots of vocabularies and examples.
2 Japanese <--> English goo Dictionary So so. It's just ok. Not so many vocabularies are there, but sound files of each word are available.
3 English ---> English The Free Dictionary Love it! It provides us the pronunciation of each word by sound, and is also useful as thesaurus.
4 English ---> English Like it! It is also useful as thesaurus. Sound files are unavailable for free.
5 English ---> English Cambridge Dictionary Simple. Easy to use. No sounds files.
6 English ---> English Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary Simple. Easy to use. No sounds files. Lots of idioms are there.

These are translation website for me!

Translation Website Links
No. Language URL Links maro's Comment
1 Japanese <--> English
Japanese <--> Chinese
Japanese <--> Korean
Excite Translation It's useful for technical sentence translation, I think.
2 Japanese <--> English
Japanese <--> Chinese
Japanese <--> Korean
OCN Translation It's useful for none-technical sentence translation, I think.
3 English <--> Japanese
English <--> Multi Language
AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation It shows strange translation often.

If you know the other dictionaries or translation websites, please let me know and let me share it together!

It looks really serious... but cute :)


I had a piece of wrapping paper beautiful in my room, so I've made an treasure ship using it. This is the ORIGAMI, which is one of the Japanese culture.




How is it?
Don't you think it's awesome, eh?

Now it's displayed in the entrance of my room.

When you have a chance to come by, check it out!!!
I really love it!

It's been the first time to watch a rugby game in my life. It was exciting and interesting much better than soccer game, I felt. There were the mood shifts between the students, strategy of each team leader, and often mistakes of that in the team.

I feel that I'm getting to be a fan of it!, and would like to watch the big title game of January next year.

The schedule of the league is here:




After the game, an ice-cream had waited for us. It is the ice-cream from "Cold Stone", which is famous between young Japanese people these days. Normally we can not buy it without lining up over 30 minutes at Roppongi shop, but luckily we could get it within 10 minutes today.

It also has been first time for me to eat out. I chose one of the "Original Creations" called "Mud Pie Mojo". It is a coffee ice-cream with OREO(R) and Peanut Butter Roasted Almonds. Sounds GREAT!, eh? So I've got it as the "LOVE IT", which means medium size. :)


with my friends:

One of my friends wants to study about business, in the university, so I bought this book for helping him.

As you know, it's not easy to prepare for the admission exam same as for high school students because of daily work. But we, business people, have an another way. It's "社会人入試" which is the admission exam for business people. Some of the university have this system, and most of the examination is the "short essay".

I hope that this book will help him and also help my writing skill of Japanese...

就職試験の小論文・作文〈’08年版〉小松 五郎

成美堂出版 2006-08
売り上げランキング : 613800

by G-Tools

I've started to read this book to understand and get knowledge of "the law of a company".

はじめての会社法尾崎 哲夫

自由国民社 2005-12
売り上げランキング : 173659

おすすめ平均 star

by G-Tools