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I can take any musics anywhere!

To buy shuffle, I needed some reason. I have some English book to read, I have a friend to speak in English, I have a blog to keep daily life in English, but I don't have mp3 player to listen English. SO I NEED A SHUFFLE!!! YEAHHHHHHH!

Finally I got a shuffle!


At that time I was thinking, I should go to Akihabara to watch re-born space and Maid Cafe, or I should stay at local station and read some books at cafe. Actually I was wandering in front of my station. The third way suddenly came up to me when I got a call from my friend. "What are you doing now" my friend said. I said "I've just wandered what should I do". "We're gonna have dumplings party at one of my friend's house. You wanna join us?", he asked me, and I replied "That's the best way for me today".

This is the outcome of today...

This is today's alcohol... It's Japanese Sake, but it's not regular one. I mean it's not easy to buy by regular way. This Sake is so special.

"Dom Perignone", Gold Label... I've never seen and tasted before... I hadn't imagined I'm gonna drink this today when I got a call.

I think I really enjoyed today... What a great Saturday it is!

On the way to my office, I can see these advertisements at my station. When I found them at first time, I was impressed about the people who are on the ads. They also have immeasurable possibility to anything they want.

We can be anything we want to be!
Just trust it, and do it like them!

Let's go out with some music!

I'm gonna chose TOKI ASAKO today. She is my recent favorite Jazz vocalist.

I love to listen especially this album below:


インディペンデントレーベル 2004-02-25
売り上げランキング : 2,676

おすすめ平均 star

by G-Tools

[ Titles ]
1. My Favorite Things
2. September
3. The Good Life
4. Everybody wants to rule the world
5. Feelin' Good
6. Like Someone In Love

I guess there are many songs which you've ever heard before, in her albums. She covers a lot of famous songs. I noticed like "Oh, I know this!", "This one also", and "Gee, so many songs I know", something like that...
I think it's easy to start to listen, and enjoy your comfortable day, if it's sunny holiday like today.

I go out!

I have settled in Tokyo again for about one month, but I had not noticed one important thing until this morning.

It is the Mt. Fuji!!! which is the one of our admirable symbol of Japan. I can see it every morning when the air is clean.

I was impressed even though it's a small sight!

When I was watching TV, suddenly one of the vegetables came into my eyes. It was a "Cabbage". On that TV program some guest speaker said "Cabbage can not become a main dish by itself.". When I heard it, I thought "No, it can not become", but after a few minutes it could become.

Today I made a hot pot with spring cabbage and bean sprout.
I used:
- Spring Cabbage (It's Main!)
- Bean Sprout
- Grated Radish
- Bacon
- Solt
- Consomme (Clear Soup)

I hadn't grated a radish for several years...

First of all I put salt and consomme into boild water.

Second put a water-washed bean sprout under a cabbage cut, and put a grated radish and bacon on them.

After that turn fire into middle strength, and wait 10 minutes.

Finally you can see the looks delicious spring cabbage hot pot.

In this time I could confirm the sweet taste of spring cabbage which I've never used before. I just heard of it from somebody, but it's true! SWEET!!

I could taste the spring sweetness of vegetables today!

Today I made "Yaki Udon", which is a Japanese food such as "Okonomi yaki" popular among people as well in Japan.

I used something listed below to make it:
- qing-geng-cai;
- Carrot;
- Bacon;
- Canola Oil;
- Pepper;
- Ketchup;
- Soy-sauce; and
- Veg-and-Fruit-sauce;

Today's new expression which I got from my friend is this!

[ cross one's fingers ]
To hope that your plans will be successful (sometimes putting one finger across another as a sign of hoping for good luck).

eg. keep one's fingers crossed!

(from OXFORD Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

I like this expression!

This is the first Okonomi-yaki since I came back to Japan.

Still doing well! It's, of course, tasty...

[ Memories of Vancouver ]

I didn't update a blog for many reasons, so let me upload some photos of my memory in Vancouver, as a corner of "Memory of Vancouver" from today...

2005/11/26(Sat) Cypress Snowboarding!

The Cypress... I've got there only once.
Actually it was the first time to go snowboarding in this season, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Ah... I really miss there and the Vancouver life as well...
I envy you, Vancouver guys!

(*Japanese only...)




ナツメ社 2005-07
売り上げランキング : 201,944

by G-Tools




この本は出来がよかったので、今では僕に欠かすことの出来ない大事な友人である、元ルームメイトX氏にもお薦めして、彼も10月のBoston Career Forumで見事に内定の山を獲得して帰ってきました。(いや、ホントあれは凄かった。まぁ、自己分析だけのお陰じゃなく、もちろん彼の実力からですが。)



I've forgotten this for a year...

Today I faced on the part of dirty Japanese business style. Why don't they want to do business with right way? Not so many people but some people prefer to process their business as a not right way because of laziness. I think if you need to do something for processing, which even takes a little longer time, you should do it not to confuse and be injustice.

This kind of fact makes me feel bad, and reduce my motivation for work.
I need to fight this, protect my juniors, motivate and lead them to feel confident and better on their work.

Wish me luck!

Japanese dinner... which I made today. Easy one.

I know I'm lazy about a blog today... I sometimes need a rest. please understand me!