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大西 泰斗 ポール・マクベイ

研究社 2005-11-17
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[ Feeling of ToDAY ]

This corner provides you my honest feeling through the Tokyo life.
Feel free to comment when you have something about my comment...

What I realize today is:

"I'm getting fast to walk more than when I returned from Vancouver..."

I've been paying attention to not doing something too much, but I did it without consciousness.

I don't wanna be back like before, so I need to keep attention to that. Have you had some same kind of feeling?

[ Memories of Vancouver ]

I didn't update a blog for many reasons, so let me upload some photos of my memory in Vancouver, as a corner of "Memory of Vancouver" from today...

2005/11/17(Sat) Japa Dog & Scenary of Vancouver in Fall...

uhmmm... I miss the "JAPA-DOG"... It's not a real HOT-DOG but it's real Japanese TERIYAKI taste.

Check it out! Vancouver guys!

The one of my new life style will be to read a book here.


I started to read the "Memories of Gaisha" which I saw in Vancouver. It's a good exercise to keep my reading skill, and also gives me a different relaxing time.

If you find me here, please say "Hello!". (* ^ー゚)ノ Hello-!

I think I changed me a little bit. Through this week, I've realized some differences in my mind.

 1. I've stopped hurrying against before.
 2. I'm sometimes watching something by a view like foreigner.
 3. I found that I'm trying to find English character and sounds everyday.

Actually I can't say anything exactly... but I can feel a difference. Something different, and it gives me an interesting experience now...

Anyway the one of my friends sent me this URL. I really love this movie, and I just wanna share it with you guys... Check it out!
 * This place is "Inogashira Park" in Kichijoji. My favorite place!!!

What do you feel?

Hi everyone! Long time no see!

I just let you know I'M BACK! Now I'm in TOKYO!
I think I'm doing well, but so busy... When I was taking a train, I had wasted two stations during releasing my tension.
I realized that I could be behind everything if I release my concentration... Tokyo is real busy city...

Anyway I'm gonna update my ooooooooooold blogs soon when I find a time!

See you soon!

The impression of reinstatement:
Working everyday is... hard and tough... huu...