marolog - a story of lives (in Denmark)

What maro sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches, and feels in his life will be told in his way in this blog. So today, what you'll see through his eyes?


It was really clear and sunny day. Waves were nice hight and people were few. It was really good day for surfing.

After surfing we joined farewell patio patty at the nice pool side. We were invited by the guest of honor.(in my case, I was invited yesterday by chance)

I enjoyed a party with attractive people who really enjoy their life in San Diego. I'd like to be a person who can spend a time for his pleasure of a life, and say "I've been satisfied and it was really good life." at the end of my life.

Viva, San Diego!


I went to surf with George! You know, it was fabulous!
Surfing: it makes me free from busy world.

This is a self cash register I've seen at supermarket in San Diego(maybe, in La Jolla). I've never seen such a cash register before, so I took a photo. Is already there a self cash register in Japan??

This is a super tasty pizza,... and George's foot.

Open!... and George's foot.

Chicken-wings that you surely love at FIST JUICY BITE!

San Diego!

I drove from Los Angeles to San Diego about 2 hours.
The weather was extremely foggy, so I couldn't see enough front when I was heading to San Diego. I sometimes experienced heavy fog during San Diego stay. Most of it had come from the Pacific.

I went to Torry Pine State Reserve with George and his wife.

This is a Torry Pine. The seed is as big as woman's head. We can see pine tree in Japan, but I've never seen such a big pine seed!

This is a first lizard of me in north America.

On the way to Cardiff. Cardiff is a famous spot for surfing in San Diego. It's really clean, not crowded and comfortable beach.

Here we go! It's Cardiff!!!

I love this Copy! I wanna be like this guy in near future...

Another beach but I forgot the name... Help me, George?

I love this photo.

This is my colleague's apartment. He lives here with two roommates. Nice room eh? Everybody in this apartment is surfer, so that's why you can see many surf boards here!

My colleague and one of the his roommates. His roommate was going back to Japan this day, and was going to stay there for about 10 days.

Santa Monica! This is the beautiful city where my colleague is living now.

I visited UCLA campus. It seems very clean and beautiful campus with contrasts of red blocks, white concretes and green trees. I'd like to come here to study something in the future...

Rodeo Drive! It's very famous for brand shopping area in the world.

It seems like they wanna buy something, but then seems like it's difficult to buy also. I think I can understand their feelings because I had faced same situation many times.

There is no name but this is PRADA!


Kodak Theatre! You know "ACADEMY AWARDS", right? It takes place here every year!

Grauman's Chinese Theatre! This is known to ."Footprint Ceremonies". You might have seen some of Hollywood stars' footprints through TV.

This is the Johnny Depp's new footprint! I heard he came here yesterday and made new footprint.

Morgan Freeman!

Harrison Ford!


I had visited to California from 20th to 29th September.
It was first time for me to go to California, and it was memorable trip during studying abroad. I met great people and saw beautiful landscape and beaches. I gonna show you some photos from my trip as well. I'm sure that you become to want to go there!

This is my rent-a-car, Nissan Murano. It was really comfortable to drive a long way. I'd like to have this car if possible. I rented it at HERTS rent-a-car near the LAX(Los Angeles International Airport).

One of my colleague in LA! Now he's learning about film distribution.

Wash your car, or somebody will write like this! haha!

Venice beach! It's really nice place to go out. I really wanna spend a time to read some books or just sleep all day there!

Santa monica downtown. Nice place to enjoy shopping!

I found "ZAGAT SURVEY in Los Angeles". I took this photo from curiosity because it was totally same appearance as in Tokyo.

Continue to the next day...

This is the first time to attend a wedding abroad. I've found many cultural differences from Japan. One of them is about a gift for wedding. Some of my friends taught me that there is a list(it's like a wishing list from the bride and groom ) at a department store, and attendances need to buy one as a wedding gift. In Japan, most of Japanese prepare money for the newlyweds. It's interesting for me.

Happy weddig! Jacky and Yuki!!!

The bride and groom with a cute flower girl.

At the wedding reception party, we ate tons of Chinese food. These are photos of some.

Every one went different way. I know every people have different goal.

He is a great amazing man from Chile!
I definitly visit to his country and see him again. I swear.

He is my colleague from same company. He just came here to check University and City, Vancouver. I think he enjoyed his stay and I believe he got something good during his stay.

They are my classmate, and also close friend of mine from Korea.
We went to Rocky together and I spent much time in Vancouver.
They fried to Toronto to start new school life. I'll visit them end of this month from San Francisco!

He is one of the my best colleagues at same company in Japan. If I didn't meet him as colleague, I couldn't come here. He took over all of my work, and still has managed those successfully.

He is great!