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The gay parade produced by pride took place on the Denman street today.
We can't see such big gay festival in Japan. It was amazing for me, and I've never seen that gay people are welcome by society like this. It gave me recognition that they are also part of us.


*Japanese only today...

とうとうやりました、Bungee Jump。

We went to the Congee restaurant again! If you come to Vancouver, I can recommend this restaurant.

I'm taking a scuba diving course "Open Water" from today, which is a license name of scuba diving. I have to take two diving classes after school in a week. To take a scuba diving license is one of the goals in my life, and I heard that it's cheaper to get license here than in Japan, so applied it and have started it.

My school for scuba diving is below. If you're interested in scuba diving, check this site!

UBC Aqua Society

 *UBC students are managing here. I heard it's a NGO.
  That's why it's cheaper than others!

At the end of this month, I gonna get a Open Water license! Yahoo!!!
(I hope there's no problem to get it.)

I made a congee again.

You know, in Japan, we believe that congee(Japanese style) is really good for body when we catch a cold because it's easy to absorb for us; we need to take much energy during illness.

I also made special drink to take a vitamin. It's a juice with Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Ginger, and Honey.
Actually, it worked very much! If you feel a cold, please try it!!

*Japanese only today...






バスケはCambie Bridge下にあるバスケットコート(屋外)で、毎週日曜日の12時からやってるそうなんで、これから定期的に通ってみようかと思ってます。半年以上、体をまともに動かしてなかったのでちょっと不安があったんですが、思った以上に動けました、ハイ。(喜)







Today, I went to the Night Market in Richmond with a roommate and his friend. I didn't know about it before, but my roommate found its information in the book; which name is "Binbo Hima Ari", and it's a very famous free book in Vancouver!(Check "" when you wanna know about this book! It's also a useful web site.) The night market is like a "Yatai" which it's popular for in Japan or Taiwan, and we could enjoy shopping, eating, and taking photos until 11pm. This night market is opening every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday around midnight(until 11pm only on Sunday) between June 24th and September 25th.

This is "Kingyo Sukui" in Japanese, but in English...

it's called "Go Fish"!

「胸罩」in Chinese =「BRA」in English. It's interesting, isn't it?

This is a demonstration for selling magic towels. I've never seen this kind of sell style in Canada. It was first time for me to see it.

"Remote Cashing Machine"! It was also first time to see.

This is a booth for Japanese "Takoyaki". I had not eaten "Takoyaki" since leaving Japan. It was so long time!

This is a "Ohbanyaki" in Japanese. I loved it in Japan.

This is "Takoyaki"! This taste was almost same as in Japan.

This is "Oden" in Japanese. I missed "Nihonshu"(Japanese Sake) when I was standing in front of this booth.

This is like Japanese "Taiyaki". In English, it's called "Red Bean Waffles".

This booth was very popular, so there was a long line.

This is like Japanese "Chimaki", but unfortunately, it was not so tasty...

Have you ever tried "Cheese Tofu"? It was first time to eat it for me. My roommate and his friend could eat only one cheese tofu. I could eat over three. It had really strong smell like "kitchen garbage", but it tast was fried tofu.

This is the "Chinese Tofu".

We had a good time there. I suppose I'll come back here with other friends soon.

Do you know "Congee"?

"Congee" is a rice porridge, and it's especially famous for Chinese congee in Vancouver. We also have rice porridge in Japan, but we don't eat it very often, except when we catch a cold.

Today, I supposed I caught a cold because of last night's fire alarm accident(suddenly our room's fire alarm rang around 3am, and it bothered our peaceful sleeping, so we couldn't sleep well.), so I tried to make congee(it's not real Chinese congee, just my style).

This is the one.

My style congee ingredients:
  - Rice
  - Shrimp
  - Basa fillet
  - Green pepper
  - Enoki mushroom
  - Garlic
  - Chicken poulet(Bouillon)

The taste is, of course, fabulous!

I also know the most delicious congee restaurant in Vancouver, so I can teach you where it is if you want. please ask me or visit me, and I can take you there.

*Japanese only today...


昨日今日と、友人がRockyへ旅立っていきました。一人はVancouver Marathon時の島袋さんをお手伝いするVolunteerを企画してくれた「yoshi」です。
 ※Volunteerについては過去Blog「2005/05/01(Sun) Vancouver Marathon」を参照して下さい。
 ※yoshiは「我思フ カナダニテ」の管理人さんです。

もう一人は、僕の最初のYouth Hostel時代からの友人の「Ryo」です。


二人はそれぞれEnglish Only環境に旅立っていったので、数ヵ月後の再会時には飛躍的に英語力&コミュニケーション能力が高まってることを期待してます!








今日はまた面白い人との出会いがありました。彼の名は「壽惠村 明」。現在のところFreelance Photographerだそうです。








I've just started to go to new school today. I'm taking the pronunciation program at the EBC(English Bay College). It's located at Gastown, and it's very small school. My pronunciation class members are unfortunately all Japanese, but it's not so big problem for me. My teacher said "How much you'd like to improve your pronunciation is the most important thing in this class, and you should put your own goal, and just do your best for it", so I suppose I just learn about how to pronounce correctly, practice it, and review it everyday. In a month, I'm looking forward to how much my pronunciation will improve.